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More Wedding Dress Shopping Information!

Updated: Jun 18

Are you looking for a beautiful wedding dress that fits your budget? We understand that many brides are on a strict budget and strive to find bargains without compromising on quality. The internet has become a treasure trove for affordable options, from second-hand services to online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, and Poshmark.

These platforms offer great deals on wedding dresses, whether you opt for a gently used gown, a designer knock-off, or a budget-friendly alternative. While these options may not provide the in-store experience of trying on dresses, they present an opportunity to find the perfect gown at a fraction of the cost.

Don't let the hefty price tags at bridal shops deter you from finding your dream dress. Explore these online avenues and discover hidden gems that align with your style and budget. Don’t mistake what we are saying, shopping at alternative markets for wedding gowns can be risky, especially when you have to pay upfront for a gown that is not returnable from a place you can't physically visit. This can definitely rattle the nerves.

Bridal salons provide an exclusive experience where you can see and feel the gowns before making a significant investment. If you are willing to do some online investigations, you may be able to find the gown you love by searching sources on the internet for the designer and style number and comparing prices. Remember, no matter what way you decide to go (whether new or second-hand), you will still have to include costs for altering your gown.

If you're planning to shop at alternative bridal markets, here are some vital rules to keep in mind:

1.      Don't trust the gown you see in a web site picture. Photos can be edited to conceal flaws, and the resolution may be lowered, making details harder to discern. Colors on your screen may also differ from reality. Moreover, be cautious of listings with stolen designer photos that misrepresent the actual product you'll receive.

2.      Knock-offs are very prevalent on the internet.  A knock-off is a copy of a designer gown that is usually made with lesser quality construction techniques and cheaper quality fabric. It is perfectly legal to copy any design out there; however, it is very much illegal to copy a designer label. The easiest way to tell a knock-off from the real deal is to look inside for the label. Price is also an essential indicator of a knock-off gown. If you encounter a designer gown being offered at a considerably reduced price, it is probably a knock-off.


3.       Custom Made Claims are NOT “custom made.”  Exercise caution if the advertisement references 'Custom Made' but the pricing seems unusually low. Authentic designer gowns are typically Special Order, not custom made.

4.      Investigate the seller. When shopping online, it's crucial to pay attention to seller ratings. Just like eBay, many online marketplaces have a seller rating system that provides valuable insights into the credibility of their sellers. Before making a purchase, take a moment to review a seller's profile and feedback from previous customers. This information can help you make informed decisions and ensure a positive shopping experience.


If you decide to purchase a gown you have investigated, be sure to get the additional information below before making your final decision.

- what was the original size of the dress

- was it altered to fit the previous owner

- were the alterations done by a professional seamstress/tailor

- Ask for detailed measurements (of the bride at the time of wedding and/or the garment after alterations)

- Inquire about the fabric and quality

- Clarify the return policy, if any

- get your alterations done locally


Bear in mind, while knock-offs can present an economical alternative, it is imperative to acknowledge all the associated risks.

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